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                 Stella Maris

     is an ancient title  for the Virgin Mary.

 The words are translated from 

   the Latin.

For 78 years, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Peace found  spiritual renewal in Stella Maris Retreat Center.  A sanctuary by the sea for themselves & the many retreat goers...

Like so many of the grand homes on the coast, time and weather have taken their toll.  In spite of a valiant effort by the sisters and friends of the retreat, Stella Maris closed Dec. 31, 2016

Part of Long Branch historic Stella Maris Gilded Age cottage will be saved

Born into extreme wealth,  grew up a child of privilege and

no one would likely have guessed she would one day be a nun...

                             much less a saint.

Katherine Drexel

November 26, 1858 March 3, 1955