The Early Benefactors

George Mortimer Pullman   March 3, 1831 – October 19, 1897 An engineer and industrialist; he designed and manufactured the Pullman sleeping car and founded a company town called Pullman; occupied by the workers who manufactured his sleeping car.  His Pullman Company also hired African-American men to staff the Pullman cars.

"Pullman Porters", as they were known, were widely respected and provided elite service to their patrons.

Pullman's home in Long Branch was on Ocean Avenue, between Cedar and Park Avenues.


George W. Childs  May 12, 1829 -  February 3. 1894

was a publisher and co-owner with Anthony Drexel, of the Philadelphia Public LedgerThe Ledger became one of the most influential journals in the country and at the time was considered, "...the finest newspaper office in the country."  Child's home in Long Branch was between the Pullman and President Grant cottages.


Anthony Drexel  September 13, 1826 — June 30, 1893

was a financier, co owner or the Philadelphia Public Ledger.   He was also the founder of Drexel, Morgan & Co (later J.P. Morgan & Co.  begun as Drexel’s junior partner).  He is also the founder of Drexel University.  

Drexel's Long Branch home was next to the Howland Hotel, south of Cedar Ave.